Residence Program

FAAM Residence Program

Since 1999, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM) has invited artists, researchers, and curators from Asia every year to stay in Fukuoka and join the “Artist and Researcher/Curator in Residence Program.” From 2022, FAAM has made an open call to artists across Japan and worldwide, including but not limited to Asian countries and regions. The program provides them with opportunities to create and exhibit their artworks in Fukuoka so that they can encourage each other to achieve their full potential and expand careers to the world. FAAM hopes Fukuoka citizens get a deeper understanding of contemporary art, Asian art, and different cultures through their engagement in this program. Building human and organizational networks on international levels will also be the goal for FAAM to function as a center of interaction in Asian art.

Residence Program

The program invites local and international artists from Asia and across the world. Invited artists will have chance to create new artwork, do an exhibition, organize workshop(s), and join a few talk events, etc.

Support Program

The program supports artists from Asia, and researchers/curators in Asian art fields who have external funding or who can cover their own expenses to stay in Fukuoka while they create their own work or undertake research.


Art-Making and Exhibition

Invited artists are expected to create and exhibit their artworks, such as paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films, and performances while working in collaboration with the local artists, supporters, and general public.


According to interests, age, and numbers of participants, artists are expected to plan and organize workshop(s) based on each technique/skill or arts and cultures in Asia.

Lecture & Talk

Artists will talk about their artistic practice, research, or contemporary art scenes in open lectures for citizens and/or gallery talks during the exhibition.

Artists and Researchers