Residence Program

Artist, and Researcher/Curator in Residence Program

Since its inauguration in 1999, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM) invites Asian artists, researchers and/or curators to stay in Fukuoka to engage in various exchange programs with the local community, including collaborative art-making, workshops, and talks. Through the residence program, FAAM intends to promote further understanding of Asian arts and cultures, to vitalize local communities, and to be a focal point for exchanging ideas and aesthetics through Asian arts.

Residence Program

The program invites artists, and researchers/curators active in Asia to conduct various exchange programs in Fukuoka including art making, workshops, exhibition, and lectures.

Support Program

The program supports artists, and researchers/curators from designated Asian countries who have external funding or who can cover their own expenses to stay in Fukuoka while they create their own work or undertake research.



Through their residency in Fukuoka, Asian artists create artworks reflecting local characteristics. Participating artists are expected to create and display artworks, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, videos, and performances through collaboration with the local artists and creators as well as communities.


Participating artists and researchers will provide workshops for local school students and communities. The workshop will be organized based on the artistic method of each artist or the topic relating to the Asian cultures according to the ages and numbers of the workshop participants,

Lecture & Talk

Participating artists and researchers will talk about their artistic activities and research. The lecture and talk will include the information on the current of art in various places in Asia and/or the latest developments of research on Asian art.