Programs at FAAM

1. Art Exchange Program

Asian artists and researchers are invited to participate in the Residence Program to engage in interactive activities with people in Fukuoka. They present various Art Exchange Programs such as open studios, workshops, performances and lectures. In addition to the Residence Programs, information on Asian art is exchanged with other museums and art institutions in and around Japan. Through these various Art Exchange Programs, the FAAM establishes cooperative networks with Asian artists, as well as the researchers and specialists in and around the country.

2. Education

The FAAM presents workshops, lectures and other educational programs for a wide range of audiences. Volunteer gallery guides introduce the permanent collection of the museum, through which visitors to the museum understand and feel close to the art and culture of Asia. The FAAM also publishes AJIBI News (a periodical newsletter) and a website to widely distribute information on Asian art.

3. Research

FAAM conducts research on Asian modern and contemporary art by visiting related places and institutions as well as utilizing written documents and archives. It presents the results of its researches in the forms of exhibition and lecture. The valuable information and archives collected by its locally-conducted investigations is accessible by local citizens and specialists in and around the country. It continues further research on Asian art together with the researchers in residence at FAAM.

4. Collection

The FAAM systematically collects Asian modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts and other forms of art that have superior aesthetic and originality. It focuses on modern and contemporary works from the 19th century to the present, from an area bounded by Pakistan to the east, Mongolia to the north and Indonesia to the south and west. It covers 23 countries and region. The permanent collection contains approximately 4,500 pieces as of 2022.

5. Exhibition

Permanent Collection

Asian modern and contemporary artworks are systematically exhibited to present their excellent artistic sensitivity and an originality quite different from that of Western art and Japanese art. Under specific themes, display is changed every few months.

Temporary Exhibition

Temporary exhibitions are planned under four categories, such as ‘Modern Artists,’ ‘Contemporary Asian Artists,’ ‘Arts of People,’ and ‘Crossing Visions’ to introduce the charms of Asian art from different eras, regions, and genres.

Special Exhibition

Centering on Asian modern and contemporary art, special exhibitions of diverse fields related to Asia are organized.