2022 Residence Korea

Lee Byungchan

2022 Residence

Born in 1987 in Korea (currently lives in Seoul)
Plastic products are being disposed everyday in the urban mass-consumption lifestyle and are causing environmental pollution and destruction of bio-diversity. Lee Byungchan finds a spirituality in these objects. As if giving a life into inorganic objects, Byungchan turns plastic objects into a new form of life or ecosystem by lighting and moving the sculpture and creates a large scale installation that emerges a strange and fantastic landscape in the city. The Byungchan’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions including the "PyeongChang Biennale" (2017) and "Nature, Life, Human "(Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, 2019). This will be the first time that his work is shown in Japan.

[Residence] Jul 20, 2022〜Oct 11, 2022
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"Creature", 2019 (Museum of Contemporary Art Busan) *reference