Soh Souen

2022 Residence Program

Born in 1995, currently lives in Fukuoka
2019 B.F.A., Kyoto Seika University
2020 Solo Exhibition (A Modest Scream, The Mass, Tokyo)
2022 Group Exhibition ((I see all but you), GINZA ATRIUM, Tokyo)
2022 Solo Exhibition (Al Borde), Taller Sangfer, Oaxaca, Mexico

[Residence Program] Sep 16, 2022〜Dec 14, 2022
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Soh Souen pursues what constitutes his own identity in relation to his body. He has produced a series of paintings in which only dots are extracted from portraits, as well as paintings framing his own body. In recent years, he has expanded his field of expression to include video works and performances.
During the residency in Fukuoka, he will focus on the "navel" and "breathing," which are deeply related to human birth (the beginning of life as an individual) and examine the nature of "I" and "we". Participants who will be models for the video and who will participate in the performance will be recruited from the general public.

"tie’2205" 2022
"Why do I have two hands, eyes, nipples on both sides?" 2021
"Bleaching #1" 2021
"my body yours mell and ouras" 2020
"my body yours mell and ouras" 2020
"Performance with Sara Milio" 2021
"Performance with Sara Milio" 2021

WINDS OF ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2022 Tracing the Boundaries--Stone, Breathing, and Land Reclamation

"Bellybutton and Breathing"2022(Artist Cafe Fukuoka)
"Bellybutton and Breathing"2022(Artist Cafe Fukuoka)

Interaction Diary

December 10 ―Performance work Bellybutton and Breathing
(AJIBI Hall)

Soh curated and produced a performance done by a group of 15 people, concentrating on their breathing in a quiet space.
Photo by Makizono Kenzi

December 4-6, 8, and 11 ―Eggsercise, the performance sessions
(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

Soh conducted a series of performances inside the museum building, where he placed an egg between his body and the walls. The performance proposed by Soh himself became an intense, long durational piece that lasted for ten hours each day.

December 3-11 ―WINDS OF ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2022 Tracing the Boundaries -Stone, Breathing, and Land Reclamation

Works on display at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

December 3-11 ―WINDS OF ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2022 Tracing the Boundaries -Stone, Breathing, and Land Reclamation

Two of his works, Bellybutton and Breathing (the Artist Cafe Fukuoka) and Eggsercise (FAAM) were on view at each venue.

December 3 ―Gallery Talk for the Residency Exhibition
(held at the studio located in the Artist Cafe Fukuoka)

Having experienced the pandemic, Soh told he has focused on bellybutton and breathing; the two things which connect himself to the outer world. The talk was followed by Q&A session with the participants of the video work as well as Soh’s explanation for the work on view at the museum.

December 1 ―Test for the work Eggsercise

Soh did a preparation for his solo performance.

November 12 and 13 ―Shooting for the work Bellybutton and Breathing
(at the Caracri Works, Fukuoka)

Soh shot the video of belly buttons of 25 local participants who applied to join for an open call, while each of them breathing.

November 5 ―Costume Fitting for the Performance

The artist prepared the costumes for the performance piece organized during the exhibition.

October 16 ―Volunteer’s Welcome Party
(at the studio located inside Artist Cafe Fukuoka)

Soh joined a welcome party organized by the FAAM volunteers.

October 12 ―Visit to the rain water reservoir for flood control in Sanno

The three artists invited for the 2nd term of residency program were given detailed explanations from the staffs working at Fukuoka Chubu Water Processing Center, and visited two retention basins, No.1 and No.2 Sanno rainwater basins.

October 10 -Artist Talk “What is the Artist in Residence Program ?”
(held at Artist Cafe Fukuoka)

On the theme of “living as a person,” Soh talked about his previous work, which focused on each topic of “oneself/I” and “ourselves/we,” as well as his plans for the residency in Fukuoka