Visual artist Pakistan

Seema Nusrat

2009 Residence Program

Seema Nusrat is born in 1980 in Karachi, Pakistan.

[Residence Program] Sep 29, 2009〜Nov 27, 2009
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Activities during the residency

Seema Nusrat participated in the Art Exchange Program of the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (FT4). Crafted from everyday mops, her work Tsukumogami was inspired by traditional Japanese hairstyles. The artist also participated in the Hakata Riverain Lantern Festival, designing a pattern that was brought to life by placing lanterns on the ground.

Regional events

October 5
Guest at an English presentation by the Ministry for Education, presented at Yokote Elementary School.
October 17
Placing her lanterns at the Hakata Riverain Lantern Festival, following a design created by the artist.


October 22
Making photo frames using paper plates.
Participants: 47 fourth-graders from Kanayama Elementary School (venue: Alibi Hall).


October 31
Seema held a talk at the museum and introduced the work she displayed during FT4.
Participants: 20 students from Nakamura Gakuen College (venue: Artists’ Gallery).
November 23
The artist held a gallery talk and discussed the work created during her residency.
Participants: 73 general admissions (venue: Artists’ Gallery).


November 6
Crafting objects from shoes.
Participants: 88 Year 3 students from Goryo Junior High School, Onojo City (venue: Goryo Junior High School).
November 7
Crafting various objects from plastic.
Participants: 7 general admissions (venue: Beppu Community Hall)


November 22
The artist displayed her work Tsukumogami, created during her residency, at the Artists’ Gallery.