Visual artist Korea


2017 Residence Program

Born in 1987. Lives in Seoul, Korea.

[Residence Program] May 12, 2017〜Aug 9, 2017
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Activities during the residency

1. Art Making
Yaloo is a video artist who mainly works in the area of projection mapping and video sculpture. In Fukuoka, she researched Yamakasa festival and local consumer cultures like drugstore products and grocery items. In the Yaloo Park exhibition, Yaloo created animated videos combining human skin-like images and fruits, which imply her unique perspective on how “beauty” is sold in contemporary consumer culture. Yaloo also conducted a workshop using video editing techniques.

YALOO Park, 2017
YALOO Park, 2017
YALOO Park, 2017
YALOO Park, 2017

2. Workshop
12 and 13 June
Augmented Reality Workshop
Participant: 10 Students, CHIJ Secondary School, Singapore
Venue: Artists' Studio
16 and 17 July
Augmented Reality Workshop
Participant: 8 (incl. 3 children)
Venue: Artists' Studio


3. Talk
20 May
Artist Talk: Previous works and plans in Fukuoka
Participant: 46
Venue: Ajibi Hall
18 July
Studio Visit and Artist's talk
Participant: 69 5th grade students, Seinan Gakuin Elementary School
Venue: Ajibi Hall
22 July
Artist Talk
Participant: 18 students, University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
Venue: Ajibi Hall
29 July
Artists Talk
Participant: 50
Venue: Sculpture Lounge
4. Exhibition
28-31 July
Visitor: 685
Venue: Artists' Gallery
30 March-8 April
Art in Fukuoka Castle
Visitor: 7,432
Venue: Fukuoka Castle, Ruins Tamon Turret