Artist Hong Kong

Ching Chin Wai

2006 Residence Program

Born 1972 in Hong Kong. After graduaing from the Faculty of of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, completed his Master’s degree from at the university’s graduate school.

[Residence Program] Sep 5, 2006〜Dec 4, 2006

Collaborative public artwork

Through collaborations with more than 400 participants, Ching created videos, photographs and objects compiled through the work Language Center. This was displayed at various locations within the museum, including the museum shop, Sculpture Lounge and reception area. Ching also participated in the “Volunteer Messe 2006 in Kyuhaku ” , held at the Kyushu National Museum . He created lifelike cockroaches using double-sided tape, and held the workshop ‘Hong Kong Folk Art Series: Cockroaches’, challenging notions of art.


‘Cantonese is Easy: Part I: I LOVE YOU’, September 15
Ching talked about the gradual disappearance of Hong Kong’s original culture, and taught the children how to pronounce an obsolete Cantonese phrase for ‘I love you.’
Participants: 114 third-graders from Arita Elementary School (venue: Ajibi Hall)

‘Hong Kong Folk Art Series: Cockroaches’
Participants made realistic cockroaches using double-sided tape, questioning the meaning of art. The workshops were held at the following venues on various dates.

•September 16 – Participants: 18 volunteers. Venue: Open Studio.

•September 24 – General participants: 35. Venue: Volunteer Messe 2006 in Kyuhaku exhibition, Kyushu National Museum.

•October 13 – Participants: 30 students from the Design Department of Kyushu High School, a division of Kyushu Sangyo University. Venue: Open Studio.

•November 17 – 19 – Dual workshop including Language Center, held during the artist’s open studio event. Participants: 104. Venue: Sculpture Lounge.

•November 26 – Participants: 55. Venue: 8F lobby. The cockroaches crafted from tape were exhibited at various locations around the museum’s eighth floor after this workshop.


Artist Talk (December 5)
Following the opening event for 7th Winds of Artist in Residence Exhibition Part II, the artist talked about the work he had created during his residency in Fukuoka.
Participants: 75 (venue: Sculpture Lounge and others)


7th Winds of Artist in Residence Exhibition Part II (December 5 – 24)
Ching displayed his piece Language Center, composed from 13 works created during his residency in Fukuoka, and exhibited this in various locations around the museum.