Meliantha Muliawan

2023 Support

Born in 1992, Pontianak, Indonesia.
Growing up in a Chinese Indonesian family, the artist has been interested in finding functions and roles of objects that appear in religious rituals and people’s behavior in contemporary society. In Fukuoka, the artist plans to create works using recycled materials to express Buddhist and religious symbols as well as installation works combining objects collected from the religious community groups. Meliantha is the Winner of the UOB Painting of the Year Indonesia 2021, organized by the United Overseas Bank in Singapore. The artist will be staying in FAAM for a month.

[Support] May 10, 2023〜Jun 9, 2023

"Vague Shapes in the Light" 2018
"7 am to 3 pm Uniforms" 2018
"On a Pedestal" 2019

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Support Program 2023 Sabri Idrus & Meliantha Muliawan Residency Exhibition & Artist Talk

"Q & A" 2023
"A Year to Reflect" 2023
"Give and Take" 2023
"The Spirit's Routines" 2023
"The Alpha & Omega" 2023
[From Left]"The Alpha & Omega" 2023, "Q & A" 2023, "A Year to Reflect" 2023

Interaction Diary

June 4 Residency Exhibition Events: Opening Talk
(Lounge M8, FAAM)

Meliantha talked about her research in Fukuoka, where she visited Torikai Hachimangu and other temples or shrines of the Hakata Old Town. Her photos of shingu (items used for religious services) and ornaments have turned into parts of her installation work using small cubic translucent plastic which covers these photographic images.

June 1 Students from CHIJ Secondary school visits the studio
(at the Open Studio, FAAM)

Meliantha explained her concept of the works and her experience in Fukuoka to the 12 students from CHIJ Secondary School in Singapore. She also talked about her style and techniques of her art-making.
In the studio she organized a workshop for students to learn her style of art-making by using frosted plastic which she also used in her works.

June 1 – June 4 Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Support Program 2023 Sabri Idrus & Meliantha Muliawan Residency Exhibition & Artist Talk
(Lounge M8, FAAM)

Meliantha’s works titled Give and Take, The Spirit’s Routines, A Year to Reflect, Q & A, The Alpha & Omega, created during the residency were exhibited at the lounge M8 of FAAM.

May 27 Volunteers Welcome Party
(Held at Art Cafe and Open Studio at FAAM)

Meliantha showed and talked about her artworks to FAAM volunteers and answered some questions during the conversations with them.