Researcher Australia

Rhana Devenport

2000 Support

Born in Australia 1960. Graduated University of Queensland 1980. BA in Education, University of Queensland 1990. Now working toward an MA in Art at Griffith University, Queensland, while serving as Senior Project Office of the Queensland Art Gallery's APT (Asian Pacific Triennale). Resident under the AJAN (Australia-Japan Asia Art Network) Program.

[Support] Oct 4, 2000〜Nov 13, 2000
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Exchange Activity

Rhana Devenport came to Japan under the AJAN (Australia-Japan Asia Art Network) Program operated by the Australian Ministry of International Trade to survey contemporary Japanese art from a base in Fukuoka. Also conducted research in exhibition planning, collection of works for the Fukuoka Triennale, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum volunteer work, and Artists / Researchers Exchange Activities.

Activity Schedule

October 4
Arrival in Fukuoka.
October11 to 24
Research Trip to Tokyo.
November 11
Lecture on international exhibitions, including the 3rd Asia-Pacific Triennale (1999) and the Taipei Biennale (2000), with participation by 60 people.