Artist India

Nalini Malani

1999 Residence Program

Born in Karachi, India (now in Pakistan), 1946, Received a B.A. (art) at Sir JJ School of Art in 1969. Studied in Paris, France as beneficiary of a French government program from 1970, later participating in Artist in Residence programs in the U.S.A. and Singapore. She has exhibited her works at a number of international exhibitions and distinguished herself remarkably abroad. Recently she has been using video images in works like "Hamletmachine," produced at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

[Residence Program] Sep 17, 1999〜Mar 16, 2000
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Exchange Activities

Nalini Malani was already recognized as a leading artist, and her serious attitude and careful planning of production during her stay were helpful to the continuing Artist in Residence Program. Especially for her main work "Hamletmachine," she changed the production plan boldly in mid-stream and made an exhibition catalogue only for "Hamletmachine." The staff were overwhelmed by the energy she put into the work, and it was a good opportunity for us to understand the ardor that artists put into their creations. She met with the staff once a week to solve every problem one by one and then adjusted the activity schedule without thinking it as too much trouble to reach her goal. For exchanges with the citizens, she had a workshop using milk cartons at Hakata Elementary School, later exhibiting the works produced there, collaborated in video art with volunteer staff, and also had a workshop in drawing pictures on OHP sheets. She even shot a video of local dancer
Harada Nobuo for "Hamletmachine," and had fruitful experiences rubbing elbows with artists from another genres.

Activity Schedule

September 17
Arrived in Fukuoka.
September 18
Outlined activity schedule for her stay in Fukuoka to volunteer staff at AJIBI Hall. Volunteer staff assigned to her.
October 9
Participated in the "Autumn Volunteer Study Tour" to the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art and Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu (CCA) with the participation of 49 people.
Started painting and shooting a video animation "Stains" in the AV Station.
October 14 and 16
Held a gallery talk in front of her own work, "Despoiled Shore," in the Asia Gallery with the participation of 100 people.
October 18
Held a discussion about feminism and gender issues with working women's group in Fukuoka.
October 27
Held a workshop for the 5th graders at the Hakata Elementary School with the participation of 62 people.
October 30
Exhibited the work 'Inside/out' made during the workshop at the Hakata Elementary School in the 7th floor lobby of the FAAM
November 6 and 7
Held a workshop for volunteer
staff to paint on OHPS sheet with watercolors and enamel at the Open Studio with the participation of 15 people.
Early November
Started producing a video entitled "11 May 1998". The volunteers took videos of clouds and the artist edited them and brought the work to completion.
December 1
Visited the Kyushu Visual Arts College to ask for help in shooting and editing videos, and also to borrow equipment.
Early December
Additional drawing to "Despoiled Shore" exhibited to the public at the Asia Gallery on the 7th floor.
Started producing a video installation "Hamletmachine." Repeated trial and error for painting and shooting the animated portion of the work. (The animated portion was never used in the final work, for quality and other reasons.)
Late December
Volunteer staff looked for a site to shoot photographic parts of the work. January 30
Shot a video of dancer Harada Nobuo at a photo studio (until the beginning of February).
Early February
Edited the work.
Recorded narration, created and edited sound effects.
Late February
Final adjustments for video and sound. Adjusted the location of the video projector set-up in the exhibition room.
March 11
Started "The 1st Winds of Artist in Residence" in the Artists' Gallery. Held an artist talk in commemoration of the opening of the exhibition at AJIBI Hall with the participation of 65 people.
March 16
Left Japan