Artist Brunei

PG Timbang PG Hj Tuah

2006 Residence Program

Born 1959 in Brunei. Self-taught artist. Exhibited in the 4th Asian Art Exhibition, Fukuoka City Art Museum in 1994.

[Residence Program] Sep 10, 2006〜Dec 11, 2006

Collaborative artwork made with local residents

Using an original method of layering Japanese wallpaper and working with the resulting material, the artist created nine works depicting the hardships experienced by the Padian women of Brunei. As sellers of fresh produce and everyday items at the floating markets, the women are symbolic of strength and of the disappearing traditions and culture of Brunei.


Artist Talk

Following the opening of the 7th Winds of Artist in Residence Exhibition Part I, the artist talked about the artwork he had created in Fukuoka.
Attendees: 80. Venue: Artists Gallery


7th Winds of Artist in Residence Exhibition Part I (August 5 – 20)
Display at the Artists’ Gallery of the nine works created during PG Timbang’s residency, along with pictures created by children during his workshop.