Visual artist Korea

Kim Youngjin

2000 Residence Program

Born in Busan, Korea 1961. M.F.A. in Sculpture,Graduata School of Hong-Ik University 1992. Resided in New York 1994-95, participating in PS-1 International Studio Program. Held Asian Artist Today-Fukuoka Annual IX: Kim Young-jin Exhibition at the Fukuoka Art Museum in 1995. Active in many international exhibitions, including The 3rd "Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, 1999.

[Residence Program] May 8, 2000〜Aug 8, 2000

Activities during the residency

During the period of residence, the artist captured 229 Fukuokan women of various ages on videotape in his video installation entitled "Swings – Mother's Mirror." In the installation, four small videoprojectors mounted on a motorized swing projected images of women riding a swing onto the four surrounding walls. Produced video imagery for the information TV shown on the first floor of the FAAM, capturing the hands of Fukuokans doing embroidery. Held workshop at an elementary school in Fukuoka, helping children make new artistic discoveries, such as magnified views of water droplets projected on a wall. During the period of residence, the artist involved many other people in his activities.

Activity schedule

May 8
Arrival in Fukuoka.
Explanation of activity plans for in-residence period to volunteer staff members at AJIBI Hall. Volunteer staff members determined..
Viewed opening performance at Sasa Kyoko Exhibition, held at Art Space Baku.
Preparations for videotaping of "Swing-Mother's Mirror" his work during the residence, at the Open Studio.
June 6
Videotaping begun, continuing through the end of July. 229 Fukuokan women of various ages were videotaped.
Honorary visit to mayor of Fukuoka City.
July 10
Meeting with sculptor lto Kazuya on "Swing-Mother's Mirror" exhibition.
Held workshop at Nishi-Takamiya Elementary School.
August 2
Production of video imagery"Hands" for information TV on first floor of FAAM. Recorded many different hands doing embroidery at the NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting Station.
Attended lecture at AJIBI Hall by Indonesian artist Krishna Murti.