2023 Residence Japan

Naho Kawabe

2023 Residence Program

Born in 1976. Lives and works in Hamburg, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.
2022 (Duo-Show) “STRATA”, Waitingroom, Tokyo
2019 (Solo /Artist in Residency) “Blooming Black” OCT Boxes Art Museum, Guangdong, China
2019 “Fuzzy Dark Spot”, Deichtorhallen Collection Falckenberg, Hamburg, Germany

[Residence Program] Jan 10, 2024〜Mar 8, 2024 (tentative)
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Kawabe is an interdisciplinary artist who works on film, installation, three-dimensional objects, drawings, and sometimes in combinations of these genres. In Kawabe’s artistic practice, result of historical and socio-cultural research focused on “coal” overlaps with personal experiences in an attempt to redefine contemporary social structure.
In 2022, the artist conducted research and interviews with the Japanese who used to work in coal mines in Germany between the 1960s and 70s. During the residency in FAAM, Kawabe hopes to expand research to make new artwork – from coal, which is closely related to the daily lives of people in Fukuoka, industry, and urban infrastructure, to carbon materials expected to be utilized in the future.

Exhibition view “Black and Green” 2022, Tom Reichstein Contemporary, Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Claus Sautter
“Social distance (one circle)” 2022, Installation
“On the social contract (Black and Green)” 2021 Photo by Claus Sautter
Exhibition view “STRATA”, Waitingroom, 2022, Tokyo Photo by Yamanaka Shintaro (Qysum!)
“Banana boat” 2022 Photo by Otsuka Keita