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Phuttiphong Aroonpheng

2008 Support

Born 1976 in Thailand. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Printmaking), Silpakorn University. After working as a freelance art director, Phuttiphong studied film at the Art Students League and Digital Film Academy in the United States. Phuttiphong was invited to FAAM in 2007 as a guest of the Nippon Foundation Asia Fellowship.

[Support] Jul 1, 2008〜Jun 30, 2009

Main activities

Collaborative artwork with Fukuoka residents
Phuttiphong worked with a Fukuoka-based film production group to create his video artwork, A Suspended Moment. Part I featured a sight-impaired elderly man, and Part II depicted a farewell scene between a father and son. Many Fukuoka residents appeared in the filming, which was shot at various locations throughout the city.

Film screening
December 27
Screening of "A Suspended Moment, Part I"
Participants: 25 general admisisons (venue: Ajibi Hall)

"A Suspended Moment - Part 1"
Production: Suspended Moment Production Committee
Cooperation: Room#F