Visual artist Malaysia

Chok Yue Zan

2018 Support

Born in 1994 in Tawau, Malaysia. The artist creates painting based on his memory of nature and family.

[Support] May 14, 2018〜Jun 24, 2018

Activities during the residency

Chok Yue Zan stayed in Fukuoka as the winner of the 2017 UOB Painting of the Year. Visiting the areas with rich natural environment in Fukuoka, the artist created six paintings and one set of three paintings.

《海の記憶》2018年(撮影:比田勝大直) 《海の記憶》2018年
チョック・ユエ・ザンによるギャラリートークの様子 作品公開時のトーク 撮影:比田勝大直