Researcher Bangladesh

Shaela Sharmin

2006 Residence Program

Born 1972 in Bangladesh. Studied painting at the University of Chittagong, and is currently Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the university.

[Residence Program] Sep 4, 2006〜Dec 5, 2006

Interviews and research

During her stay in Fukuoka, Shaela visited a number of art institutions (listed below) to interview art experts and to explore the charactertistics of art in Fukuoka.

Art Museums
Fukuoka City Art Museum (Curator: Yamaguchi Yozo), Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum (Curator: Kawanami Chizuru), Kitakyushu Art Museum, Ishibashi Art Museum.

Department of Art Studies, Kyushu University; Faculty Of Fine Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University; University Of Teacher Education Fukuoka (Professor Abe Mamoru).

Art Galleries
Kyodo Atelier Warehouse No. 3; Art Bank WALD (Mori Yuji); Gallery Oishi; Gallery Toile; Mitsubishi Jisho Artium (Kadowaki Sayako, Ikezawa Hirokazu); MOMA Contemporary (Baba Rika); Gallery Artelier; Art Space Tetra (Endo Mizuki); Art Space Baku (Oda Ritsuko); Art Space Chiyofukuo (Shinjo Yoshihiro); Former 130 Bank Gallery; Gallery SOAP (Miyakawa Keichi); IAF Shop (Sato Keiichi, Unno Yoshiyuki) and others.

Mr Fuji Hiroshi, Mr Egami Keita

Field Trips (October 24 – November 1)
Shaela visited art galleries in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

Study Reports (December 3)
Shaela held a roundtable event attended by various art professionals, and shared the results of her studies.
Participants: 26 (conference room)

Mr Fuji Hiroshi, Mr Egami Keita

Lecture (Ajibi Art Lecture Series)

‘Art of Bangladesh: Spotlight on Dhaka and Chittagong’ (November 11)
Registrations: 68 (venue Ajibi Hall)


‘Making Bangladeshi Paper Works’ (November 17)
Participants: 56 pupils from Higashiwakahisa Elementary School (Sculpture Lounge)


‘Weddings of Bangladesh’ (November 17 – 19)
Shaela described in detail the way Bangladeshi weddings are held, from the public preparation of the venue to a demonstration of the ceremony.
Participants: 118 (venue: Sculpture Lounge)