Onishi Yasuaki

2022 Residence

Born in 1979, currently lives in Osaka
2004 MFA Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts
2011 Receives Grant from Pola Art Foundation to study in U.K.
2014 Group Exhibition; In Search of Critical Imagination, Fukuoka Art Museum
2022 Group Exhibition; KYOTO STEAM, Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

[Residence] Sep 16, 2022〜Dec 14, 2022
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist in Residence Program 2022 Onishi Yasuaki's page/ Onishi Yasuaki Offieal website


Onishi Yasuaki reconstructs "intervals" and "boundaries" such as voids and margins that are not usually noticed in everyday life using a variety of materials and creates works that question the relationship between people and nature.
Recently, he presented a work entitled "Stone and Fence," in which he inspired by the shape of a stone symbolizing the accumulation of time and traced the entire surface of shores of a river with copper foil.
During his residency in Fukuoka, he investigates the rivers and landforms of Kyushu, and is considering expanding on "Stone and Fence" to create a work that includes the relationship between people and rivers.
In addition, he plans to hold a workshop in which he use copper foil to mold organic shapes such as stones and wood, as well as objects around him.

"Stone and Fence" 2022
Produced the work" Stone and Fence" 2022
Produced the work" Stone and Fence" 2022
Produced the work" Stone and Fence" 2022
「虚実の距離 」 2020年(C)クレジット 写真:表 恒匡 提供:高松市美術
「体積の裏側 RG」2019年 photo by Nash Baker