Researcher Thailand

Somporn Rodboon

2000 Residence Program

Born in Bangkok, Thailand 1947. Graduated Department of Prints, Silpakorn University 1970. M.A. in Art Education, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A. 1977. Associate Professor, Faculty of Art, Silpakorn University 1972 to 1998. Has played a key role in art education in Thailand, including domestic and international exhibitions including the Asia- Pacific Triennale and the Fukuoka Triennale. Currently Associate. Professor at Chiang Mai University.

[Residence Program] Feb 27, 2001〜Mar 11, 2001

Exchange Activities

Somporn Rodboon investigated and researched Japanese women artists, engaging in dynamic work which including meeting women artists in Fukuoka, Kanto and Kansai, as well as attending exhibitions. Trends in contemporary art of Thailand were also presented in a three-part lecture series. After Somporn Rodboon's return to Fukuoka in March, research results were presented at the forum entitled "Japanese-Thai Women Artist: Sensibility and Creativity." Research continued on the explicit theme and with a keen awareness of related issues.

Activity Schedule

February 27
Arrival in Fukuoka for the forum, with Thai panelist Pinaree Sanpitak.
March 2
Presented results of research work at forum entitled "Japanese Thai Women Artist: Sensibility and Creativity," with participation
by 73 people.
March 11