Researcher Singapore

Irene Lim

2004 Residence Program

Born in 1970. After completing her undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS), acquired her Master's Degree there in cultural geography and art. Currently a curator at the NUS Museum.

[Residence Program] Sep 9, 2004〜Nov 28, 2004

Exchange Activities

Initially, Irene had planned to examine and research contemporary Chinese art during her residency. But when a possibility arose for the NUS Museum to host a media art exhibition in 2006, she decided to use the opportunity to investigate Japanese media art instead. During her stay she interviewed experts in media art in Fukuoka and even Yamaguchi and Tokyo as part of her research. She also held art lecture for the general public and talked about Singapore's history and culture as seen through landscapes done by European painters.

Activity Schedule

September 9
Arrived in Fukuoka.
September 10
Discussed her residential activity with staff.
September 16
Visited the exhibition "Songs/Candy Factory Projects" at Gallery Artlier and attended an artist talk by Kogo Takuji. Also visited a solo art show, "Po-poMO", by Sanematsu Akira at art space tetra.
September 18
Described the course of her research to volunteer staff at the museum.
September 20
Visited the Morita Kanako exhibition at the artist's coop San-gousoko (Studio and Exhibiton space), and listened to Morita discuss her work and the gallery space.
September 30
Visited the Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University. Asked head curator Ogata Izumi about the museum's milestones since opening, objectives, collection policy and interaction with the local community.
October 3
Visited the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. Listened to explanation about the center's facilities and activities, by head curator Abe Kazunao, and later attended a symposium at the center.
October 16-21
Traveled to Tokyo for research. At the NTT Intercommunication Center, interviewed head curator Sumitomo Fumihiko about Japanese media art and held similar discussion with Hattori Katsuyuki at the Video Art Center Tokyo.
October 22
Saw Baba Tetsuaki's interactive art event, "Enkakuchi Live" (long-distance live) at art space com+.
November 6
Attended exhibition by Jayson Oliveira & Jonathan Olazo at Modern Art Bank Wald and participated in artist's talk.
November 18
Visited Professor Mori Yoshitaka at the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies to talk about contemporary art here in Fukuoka and in Japan generally, and Professor Nakamura Shigenobu at the Faculty of Design to discuss media art. Both departments are within Kyushu University.
November 27
Held a lecture titled "Western Gazes: A Bref Survey of 19th Century Landscape Representations of the Straits Settlements" at AJIBI Hall.
November 28
Returned to Singapore.