Researcher Indonesia

Rizki A. Zaelani

1999 Support

Born in Indonesia, 1965, Graduated from the Faculty of Art, Institute of Technology, Bandung. Worked as research assistant for the Indonesia Cultural Foundation and Jim Supangkat, an independent curator; as an instructor at the Institute of Technology, Bandung, and as a curator in the campus gallery. Known as one of the few curators in Indonesia.

[Support] Jan 9, 1999〜Mar 27, 1999

Exchange Activities

Under a fellowship from the Japan Foundation as a cultural affair professional, Rizki A. Zaelani came to Japan in October 1998 and stayed at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum after a three-month study in Tokyo. As the first resident who stayed for a long period of time, his case was regarded as the pilot program. Since the Museum staff were involved in a hectic schedule preparing for imminent opening of the museum, the structure and system on the museum's side were far from satisfactory. Despite it all, he worked hard in a range of fields, including coordination, and eventually played a very important role as one of the staff members.

Activity Schedule

January 9
Arrived in Fukuoka. Learned about the system of art museum and exhibition in Japan. Was deeply involved in the 1st Fukuoka Triennale as a staff member.
March 27
Left Japan