Visual artist Myanmar

Aung Ko

2009 Residence Program

Aung Ko is born in 1980 in Pyay, Myanmar.

[Residence Program] Sep 1, 2009〜Sep 30, 2009


Aung Ko participated in the Art Exchange Program of the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (FT4), creating the installation My Identity Collection. In the shelves of an old cabinet he found in a second-hand shop in Fukuoka, the artist displayed his drawings of Myanmar during wartime, together with jar lids decorated with photographs of children and elders that the artist had photographed in Myanmar villages. On the wall behind the work, Aung showed written memories and photographs from Fukuoka residents aged over 60.


September 15
Aung interviewed several residents of an old people’s home in Fukuoka and at Ohori Koen Community Centre.

Award ceremony

September 17
The artist attended the 20th anniversary celebration of Fukuoka Asian Month and the Fukuoka Prize.


September 18
Aung led several workshops in which children made paper collages of plants and animals.
Participants: 105 third-graders from Arita Elementary School (venue: Artists’ Gallery)
September 25
Participants: 71 sixth-graders from Yokote Elementary School (venue: Artists’ Gallery)


October 1 - November 23
The artist displayed his installation My Identity Collection, created during his residency, at the Artists’ Gallery.

The artist at work
Aung’s work featured a cabinet found at a local second-hand store