Visual artist Taiwan

Lo Yi Chun

2016 Residence Program

Born in 1985. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

[Residence Program] Sep 12, 2016〜Dec 6, 2016
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Activities during the residency

Based on her research on the trade history between Taiwan and Japan, Lo Yu-Chun created a room of an imaginary Hakata merchant who engaged in Hakata-Taiwan trading. On the tatami floor, Lo displayed various screens with an old photograph of banana, pineapple, papaya, hinoki tree, tobacco, and a deer all of which once were popular export goods from Taiwan. A deerskin with approximately two-thousand banana peels was also added to the installation.



21 October
Banana skin shadow puppets
Participant: 117 3rd grade students, Arita Elementary School
Venue: Ajibi Hall and Sculpture Lounge


17 September
Artist Talk: Previous works and plans in Fukuoka
Participant: 56
Venue: Artists’ Studio
12 November
Asian Arts Air Fukuoka: Gate 04 Jogjakarta, Taipei, Bandung
Participant: 28
Venue: Art Space Tetra (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)
Organized by Asian Arts Air Fukuoka
3 December
15th Artist in Residence Exhibition
Participant: 51
Venue: Calamari Inc. (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)


3-25 December
15th Artist in Residence Exhibition
Participant: approximately 2,000
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 7F Lobby and Sculpture Lounge

Exchange Program

22 October
Hakata Riverain Lantern Festival
Venue: Hakata Riverain Festa Square