Lu Yang


1984- China

Lu Yang is a new generation of artist thematically interested in critical human biological and physical mechanisms, and skillfully incorporating Japanese anime culture, and subculture, produces highly detailed and precise film pieces. The sheer scale and conceptual unconventionality of her work sets her apart from her peers. "UterusMan" is part of a long term project begun in 2013, and is an animation centered on a character based on the similarity in shape to a uterus of a person standing up with arms outstretched. "UterusMan" is a superhero who transcends sex. This contradictory nature throws up various questions in relation to sex, genes, evolution and the principles of biological reproduction. The "UterusMan" project is on-going and, based on this core animated work, specialist collaborators enable Lu Yang to expand ideas including cosplay, manga, books and games. (IR)

Work description

Title UterusMan
Name of the Artist Lu Yang
Year 2013-2014
Medium animation (11min. 20sec.)