Shilpa Gupta


1976- India

Shilpa Gupta is one of the new generation artists in India who comments on socio-political, religious, ethnic and economic issues in both the globalized world and India. Investigating these issues carefully, her works are disguised in a girly cute design while commenting fiercely and wittedly upon the issues. This particular piece is made with a computer program and is completed with audience participation. The women (all of them are the artist herself) in camouflage costume, fashionable in Mumbai move to take military training postures when the audience members click on the mouse. As they move, subtitles such as 'Jog,' 'Kill' and 'Shut up and be.' flow on the floor. What is shown through this piece is even in these simple computer games, without knowing it, there is always a possibility of being overtaken by a desire to control people or to be controlled by someone else; and such desire could lead to war and terrorism. (IR)

Work description

Title Untitled
Name of the Artist Shilpa Gupta
Year 2004
Medium interactive video