Chusin Setiadikara

Kintamani Market Ⅱ

1949- Indonesia

Chusin Setiadikara studied painting in Bandung, Indonesia and since 1987 he has lived on Bali where he creates his own unique form of realistic landscapes. When plans were underway to change the old Balinese marketplace, Kintamani Market, into a modern supermarket, Chusin Setiadikara spent several years photographing the market and then creating paintings based on those photographs. After the destruction of the old market and the creation of the new supermarket, Chusin's major work on this subject was to reconstruct an image of that old market from interviews of those who had worked in the old market and his photographs of it. These images resurrected the memories of the sense of community, human interaction and communication among the people who had lived and worked in that space. By layering these images with footage from science fiction movies, Chusin also reveals how the people in the paintings also seem to be anticipating the future, with its as yet unseen, unformed realities. (UM)

Work description

Title Kintamani Market Ⅱ
Name of the Artist Chusin Setiadikara
Year 1996-1999
Medium oil on canvas
Size 245.0×600.9 cm