Niloofar Chaman

Which Can Be Knotted 3

1962- Bangladesh

Based in the port city of Chittagong, Niloofar Chaman excels at a unique expression characterized by bold forms and vivid colors and that of modelling found in Bengal folk art. Within mainstream Bangladeshi semi-abstract art, Niloofar Chaman is a member of the last generation inheriting the Chittagong art tradition that seeks experimental methods and art containing a sense of narrative. Covering an entire painting, a giant knot shown in a series of works titled "Which Can Be Knotted," in the red and yellow hues of celebration, represents a wish to form strong bonds between people. However, a thick wooden board that juts out from the top of the painting bears down menacingly on the viewer and is suggestive of the suffocation concealed by the warm bond of relationships. (IR)

Work description

Title Which Can Be Knotted 3
Name of the Artist Niloofar Chaman
Year 2002
Medium oil on board
Size 120.0×150.0×13.0 cm