Raj Kumar Das (painting)


1935- Bangladesh

In Asia, there are all kinds of excessively decorated vehicles, and the rickshaw of Bangladesh is one of such kind. As can be imagined by its name, rickshaw is actually derived from the Japanese jinrikisha. Japan's jinrikisha, which was a leading item for export in the Meiji Period, was exported not just to Asia but as far as Africa, where its form changed to suit each locality. Even today, in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, the town is crowded with gorgeously ornamented rickshaws. While the folk paintings of Bengal District constitute their groundwork, they more directly refer to posters and calendars and, all over the rickshaw, they paint scenes from rural and urban lifestyles, and even attractive images ranging from cute animals, mosques and women in prayer to political leaders as well as movie stars, in accordance with the customer's request. (NT)

Work description

Title Rickshaw
Name of the Artist Raj Kumar Das (painting)
Year 1994
Medium tricycle with enamel paint, vinyl, bamboo, tin, metal and photograph
Size 185.0×238.0×110.0 cm

Gaffar Workshop (rickshaw making) [Bangladesh]