Quamrul Hassan


1921-1988 Bangladesh

Born in Calcutta, India. Quamrul Hassan moved to Dhaka in 1947 at the time of the India-Pakistan partition and together with Zainul Abedin, the 'father of Bangladeshi art,' formed the foundations of Bangladeshi modern art. Quamrul Hassan developed a trend in Bangladeshi painting by fusing Western painting techniques with the influence of the painted scrolls of the Patua artisan community and other traditional folk arts. The artist renders the birds, animals and people of life in the village with a highly skilled use of simple line executed with strength and vibrant color. This piece exudes a sense of joie de vivre by capturing the enchanting gestures of a Bengal beauty in a natural setting. The artist is also widely known for social and political activism, including work on political posters during the independence war with Pakistan, and the development and commercialization of Bengal folk crafts. (IR)

Work description

Title Woman
Name of the Artist Quamrul Hassan
Year 1972
Medium oil on canvas
Size 75.7×50.7 cm