Min Wae Aung

Monks Carrying Umbrellas

1960- Myanmar

Min Wae Aung has become widely known since the 1990s as a leading artist in Myanmar for nostalgic, warm pieces depicting Burmese monks, viewed from the back, forming a line as they walk. In this work the smile on the young monk's face while, in a line, they all carry umbrellas, a symbol in Myanmar of preciousness, gives the piece an almost comic or fantasy feel. The orange of the umbrellas and the monks' robes reflects onto and lights up their faces giving the viewer a sense of the humidity and strength of the Myanmar sun. The composition of the work shows a gentle zigzag movement that disappears into the distance. This kind of appealing feature and the artist's specialist style have made his work popular, and valuable in the art market, generating many followers. (IR)

Work description

Title Monks Carrying Umbrellas
Name of the Artist Min Wae Aung
Year 1996
Medium oil on canvas
Size 180.8×91.2 cm