Chatchai Puipia

Dok Peep, Where Does One Go after Death?

1964- Thailand

After graduating from Silpakorn, a prestigious university in the art world of Thailand, in 1986, Chatchai Puipia has successively won prizes in major art exhibitions, and has continued to weave new images from reality surrounding him. In this work, the huge head of the artist himself, as if cut off from the neck, lies on a ground dyed red. In fact, this eery image apparently derives from the impressions he received at the sight of the dying eyes of his father, whom he was tending. And white flowers, which are decorated at Thai funerals, are about to fall onto his vacant eyes wide open. Did the artist address the question of his father's death to these white flowers? The heart-rending afterglow of life is reflected in the huge image of death covering the entire canvas. (NT)

Work description

Title Dok Peep, Where Does One Go after Death?
Name of the Artist Chatchai Puipia
Year 1997
Medium oil on canvas
Size 239.2×280.1 cm