Pratuang Emjaroen

Reflection of Life in Lotus Leaf

1935- Thailand

In Thailand, decorative paintings with Buddhist themes are still popular today. Although this work deals with a Buddhist theme, namely a lotus leaf, its characteristics lie in a unique spiritual world expressed without relying on traditional icons or styles. The excessive magnification of the details and the use of primary colors seen here remind us of the techniques used in the film billboards which Pratuang Emjaroen experienced as a youth. Of greater importance, however, is his concept of nature which holds that the macrocosmos of nature dwells even within the microcosmos of a lotus leaf. This view of nature is also reflected in the expression of light, which decomposes sunlight into primal colors like a prism and which gives radiance to even the minutest details. He studied paintings amidst poverty and in the 1970s, he dealt with social and political issues of Thailand supporting the student movements against the military goverment. Perhaps, this work, too, embodies his wish to relieve the suffering inflicted by the real society. (KR)

Work description

Title Reflection of Life in Lotus Leaf
Name of the Artist Pratuang Emjaroen
Year 1980
Medium oil on canvas
Size 127.4×135.0 cm