Montien Boonma


1953-2000 Thailand

Montien Boonma, who returned to his country in 1988 after his 3-year study in Paris, proved himself to be like a powerful stimulant to the art world of Thailand in those days. This is because he himself presented innovative works and, at the same time, fostered many talented students mainly at Chiang Mai University. In this work, whose theme is religious mendicancy, the ordinary and traditional motif of the Buddhist country, Thailand, has been transformed into a refined and modern image. It is a work that makes us feel invisible things. Here, instead of directly putting into hand shapes holding the bowls, it suggests their existence by leaving the marks of the act of holding on the clay. And the upper part of this serious work is supported by thin sharp-edged legs. The solid volume and delicate molding often stand upon a fragile tension, and that is intended to stimulate the viewer's perception further. (NT)

Work description

Title Alm
Name of the Artist Montien Boonma
Year 1992
Medium terra-cotta, steel and gold leaf
Size 66.0×300.0×260.0 cm