WINDS OF ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2023 3rd Period : Opening Talk

Feb 23, 2024



Grand Studio (Meeting Place) and Gallery, Artist Cafe Fukuoka

Visitors are invited to join the opening talk, where the three invited residency artists will take time to share their thoughts and experiences in front of their artworks.

Artist Meitao Qu is standing outside a building during her research Meitao Qu doing research in Beppu
Meitao is working on a desk cutting a piece of paper for her installation work Meitao Qu working in ACF studio
Artist Naho Kawabe is standing inside a museum building Naho Kawabe doing research in a museum
Artist Naho Kawabe is pointing at a machine inside the room Naho Kawabe visiting local university for her research
Artist Tomohiro Hanada is talking with a mike in his hand Tomohiro Hanada during his workshop
Artist Tomohiro Hanada is browsing a book in studio Tomohiro Hanada doing some research in studio