Rashid Rana

All Eyes Skywards during the Annual Parade

1968- Pakistan

People stare upwards in the same direction. It is unclear, however, whether the object of their gaze is something the spectators themselves want to look at, or something someone wants them to be shown. A leading Pakistani contemporary artist, Rana's work has a basis in the miniaturist tradition. By critically reading the contemporary world, his work exposes the power constructs hidden within what is 'shown' and what is 'seen,' and the inconsistencies of government and media made images. This work appears to show crowds gathered to watch a military air display on Pakistan Republic Day. However, a closer look reveals that the picture is made up of countless thumbnail images of Indian films. Although the piece clearly expresses the dual nature of both countries, as politically divided yet sharing a degree of cultural commonality, it ultimately plants doubts as to the reality of what we perceive to be real. (NT)

Work description

Title All Eyes Skywards during the Annual Parade
Name of the Artist Rashid Rana
Year 2004
Medium digital C-type print on paper and board
Size 243.0×610.0 cm