Lee Mingtze

The Scenery of Tsoying

1957- Taiwan

With rich imagination the artist has portrayed his home and studio located in the Tsoying district of Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. In reality a single story building, here it is transformed into a mysterious spiraling multi-floored construction. In the garden the oddly shaped rock also departs from reality, becoming a plant-shaped form. In addition, there is the sudden appearance of images such as a nude man wearing a crown, or Buddha seemingly preaching. Scattered about the picture are elements that deeply resonate with Japanese: the man hammering something to a pine tree, the oldfashioned table and chairs, the paper screen door and bonsai and other plants. The artist, who acquired painting skills through self-study, taps into childhood memory, folk beliefs, hometown scenes and nature as sources for his work. With an abundance of these features mixing reality and fantasy into a 'landscape,' among his works showing a strong sense of narrative, this piece clearly demonstrates the free broadmindedness of his ideas and expression. Looking closely, as a picture within a picture, this piece itself can be seen on the first floor of the building. (RT)

Work description

Title The Scenery of Tsoying
Name of the Artist Lee Mingtze
Year 2001
Medium acrylic on canvas
Size 291.0×363.0 cm