Tsagaandariin Enkhjargal

Red Table or Mirage

1960- Mongolia

While many contemporary paintings from Mongolia revere the country's natural beauty and the power that is hidden in the landscape, some of the works do show an awareness of contradictions in contemporary society, or provide a reflection on history. Tsagaandariin Enkhjargal is a leading painter who addresses social issues, such as poverty. His handling of these issues is not simple; rather he expresses the magical power of the existence of the poor. The gorgeous building that floats, mirage-like, in the distance in this painting symbolizes the destruction of cultural relics after the communists banned religion in the 1930s, a ban which continued until democratization in 1990. The green horses seen here are said to relate to a Mongolian festival honoring Maitreya Bodhisattva. The difficulties and sadness concealed in the beautiful grassy plains of this country appear amidst Enkhajargal's fascinating, dream-like images. (UM)

Work description

Title Red Table or Mirage
Name of the Artist Tsagaandariin Enkhjargal
Year 1992
Medium oil on canvas
Size 120.2×120.5 cm