Legacy of Nakamura Tetsu, the laureate of the 2013 Fukuoka Prize

Dec 12, 2019 〜 Dec 23, 2019

Art Cafe

On December 4, 2020, Mr. Nakamura Tetsu, the laureate of the 2013 Fukuoka Prize, passed away. Mr. Nakamura continued working in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the field of medical services, irrigation projects, and community development for a long period of time.

He was also closely connected to Fukuoka by growing up here and finished his Junior High School to the University education in Fukuoka.

Upon receiving the Fukuoka Prize in 2013, Mr. Nakamura communicated with many citizens through his talks and school visits.

This time, we would like to commemorate his life-long achievement through photography, documentary video, and books written by Mr. Nakamura.

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