Mei Dean-E, Homage to Trotsky, 1991

Permanent Collection Exhibition

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 25th Anniversary Collection Exhibition
Asian Pop

Apr 20, 2024 〜 Sep 3, 2024

Asia Gallery

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum celebrated its 25th Anniversary on March 6th, 2024.
As the first museum in the world focusing on “modern and contemporary Asian art,” we have received high recognition from international art scenes through our longtime innovative accomplishments since the opening in 1999 in Fukuoka. To commemorate the last 25 years since then, we have previously organized the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Best Collection Exhibition, aiming to showcase our achievements and engage with a broader range of public. For the new fiscal year of 2024, we are delighted to announce the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 25th Anniversary Collection Exhibition, which will be held in two terms, each focusing on different themes.

For the first term of the exhibition, themed on pop art in Asia, we will be featuring works of artists who gained high recognition through their pop art. Pop art has incorporated images from various contexts, such as commercial advertisements born out of mass consumption culture, ironically capturing contemporary times and society. It first developed in the UK and USA between the 1950s and 1960s and later flourished across the globe. The term derives from the word “popular,” and many artists in Asian regions have been creating works of pop art since the 1980s.

The exhibition features many of our collections that are considered relative to pop art and other Asian popular art, including but not limited to film or commercial posters, which the artists referred to as their creative inspirations. We hope to disclose our unique collections, including popular art, which we have been keen to acquire considering their impact on modern and contemporary Asian art, as the museum that places its mission to build new values in art that do not limit itself to the conventional framework of art.