Permanent Collection Exhibition


Sep 14, 2023 〜 Dec 25, 2023

Asia Gallery

We live in the Holocene, a geological age that continues for more than 10 thousand years in our long history of planet Earth. However, according to their recent studies, some geologists claim that we are actually living in a new geological age called the “Anthropocene.”

The Anthropocene is the epoch where human activities have left their trajectory, which can reach the Earth’s strata. The word encourages us to consider the enormous impact we are having on our planet, which is comparable to the fall of meteorites that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

People in Asian countries and regions are not exceptional to face severe environmental issues amid rapid industrialization, urbanization, and motorization. In addition to air pollution and natural destruction, those who live on the coastlines and islands face the threat of climate change and the rising sea level, accelerated by global warming.

This exhibition will feature 5 artists from Asia who work on themes of the environment in the unprecedented era called the Anthropocene.

Kade Javanalikikorn (Thailand)
Supachai Satsara (Thailand)
Kiri Dalena(Philippines)
Tang Da Wu(Singapore)
Pangrok Sulap(Malaysia)