Permanent Collection Exhibition

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum - Best Collection

Sep 14, 2023 〜 Apr 9, 2024

Asia Gallery, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum(7F)

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum will celebrate its 25th anniversary on March 6, 2024. It was in 1999 that the first art museum in the world, specializing in modern and contemporary Asian art, opened in Fukuoka. FAAM’s innovative activities have received high recognition and respect from the global art scene. Considering the length of its history and the excellent quality of the museum collection, there is no other museum as the “mecca for Asian contemporary art” than Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

In commemoration of this anniversary, the exhibition will introduce 10 artists, all of whom are all-time stars of Asian contemporary art. The ten figures are all living artists who either enhanced international acknowledgment of art in their home country by achieving global success or have been working on the leading edge of their country’s art scenes.

24 works by the 10 artists chosen from approximately 5,000 museum collection show the height of Asian contemporary art. We hope this exhibition, which focuses on the top artists from Asia, brings visitors a fresh new experience and inspiration.