Residency Exhibition

Room for FAAM Residence Program Part I Thinking SDGs: Chakkrit Chimnok’s Banana-Leaf Works

Apr 7, 2022 〜 Sep 6, 2022

Asia Gallery B

Since 2019, we have launched the Room for FAAM Residence Program to promote the FAAM Residence Program. This program has been offering an occasion for artists and researchers to produce work and conduct research while staying in Fukuoka. In this exhibition, we introduce the works of Chakkrit Chimnok, who stayed in Fukuoka for the 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005.

 Chakkrit has created his artworks with the themes of indigenous traditions and nature. At the FT3, the artist released artworks incorporating banana leaves, which have been used in daily life in Thailand for centuries, into fashion. At the same time, during his residency, the artist created various costumes with bamboo bark, a traditional Japanese material. His experimentation, which applied ancient wisdom to the modern society through the traditional culture can be seen in line with the SDGs initiatives of today. This exhibition invites you to think about the society where we live, and its future.