Dadang Christanto (Indonesia) Bureaucracy, 1991-1992

FAAM Collection X: Ⅱ. Era of Monsters

Jun 24, 2021 〜 Sep 21, 2021

Asia Gallery

Every work in the museum collection is a precious witness of particular countries and regions as well as chronological time periods. This section introduces the selected two works from the FAAM collection based on the shared viewpoint, such as production year, place, subject matter, technique, and artist, and compares two works like multiplication (x) to disclose our understanding of the works.

Here we feature two works of the artists, Dadang Christanto (Indonesia) and the one of Panya Vijinthanasarn (Thailand).

【Era of Monsters】

Dadang Christanto (Indonesia) Bureaucracy, 1991-1992
Panya Vijinthanasarn(Thailand) The Cold War, 1979