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Welcome to the Picture Book Museum 2017
■Period:20 July, 2017 - 20 August, 2017
■Venue:Exhibition Gallery and more
In the “Picture Book Museum 2017,” encounter various playful tricks and objects that move all five senses, an essential stimulation for children to develop their own emotion, imagination, and creativity. For the 11th exhibition of the series, the exhibition seeks to deliver the importance of connecting people as well as nature through the display of over 1,000 picture books and its original drawing and various events using our special network.
Exhibition view (2016)
PeriodThursday 20 July - Sunday 20 August 2017
VenueExhibition Gallery ABC, Sculpture Lounge, Ajibi Hall, Kid's corner, Lounge M8
AdmissionTo be determined
OrganiserFukuoka Asian Art Museum and others
InquiryFukuoka Asian Art Museum / 092-263-1100
RemarksClose: Wednesdays
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