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Art for People: Printmaking and Social Movements
■Period:20 September, 2012 - 11 December, 2012
■Venue:Asia Gallery B
Kim Bongjun(Korea) "Mother, I'm home!" 1981
Hong Sungdam(Korea) "May-23: Gun, My Life" 1987
For the reason of technical easiness and high productiveness, woodblock print has been frequently used to address socio-political issues and deliver a strong message. This exhibition focuses Korea’s "Minjung Art" emerged in social mass movements in the 1980s and more recent works inheriting its spirit of the art. The works created by Kim Bongjun and Hong Sungdam of “Minjung Art” and Lee Yunyop who inherited the spirit of the art are on show in the exhibition.
VenueAsia Gallery B
OrganizerFukuoka Asian Art Museum
more info by artists @Kim Boungjun Shihwa Art Gallery (Korean)
Hong Songdam Works Image Storage (Korean) http://www.damibox.com/
Lee Yunyop (Korean) http://www.yunyop.com/
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