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Ajibi Kids Lab "Create Your Own Media Art with Smartphone!"
【Date】16 & 17 July 2017
Let's try creating an original media art using a smartphone with Korean artist, Yaloo. This is a 2-day workshop in which you can experience simple stop motion movie using photos you bring or take at the museum, and add drawings on top of them. We will make a collaborative media art work using everyone's movie in the end. Let's make a good summer memory together!
* Workshop is in English with Japanese translation

[Date] 16 & 17 July 10:00-14:00 *Need to attend 2 days
[Venue] Artist Studio (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F)
[Number of participants] 10 elementary school student (b/w 3-6 grades) and her/his parent *Please bring one smartphone
[How to apply] Please send fax or email with the following information.
1 Name, 2 Age of the student, 3 Tel, 4 Fax (if applicable), 5 Email

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
FAX: 092-263-1105
Email: faam_e@faam.ajibi.jp

[Deadline] 10 July, 2017
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