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■YALOO [Korea]
Born in 1987. Lives in Seoul, Korea.
Residency Period: May - July 2017
Yaloo is a video artist who mainly work in the area of projection mapping and video sculpture. In Fukuoka, she is planning to research Yamakasa Festival and create a video work using the elements of Yamakasa. She is also planning to do a workshop using video editing techniques.
■Krupa Makhija [India]
Born in 1983. Lives in Ahmadabad, India.
Residency Period: September - December 2017
Krupa Makhija turns used materials with memories of disappearing culture and history into beautiful installation work. In Fukuoka, she is planning to create an artwork using the parts collected from abandoned building or the site.
■Leonor Veiga [Macau]
Born in 1978. Lives in Macao, China and Lisbon, Portugal.
Residency Period: November 2017
Leonor Veiga researches the role of public museums in forming the idea of contemporary Southeast Asian art. She is also planning to give a lecture on her research topic.
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