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Artists and Researchers in Residence Program 2018
Aim of the Residence Program

FAAM invites Asian artists, researchers and curators to stay in the museum to engage in various exchange programs with the local community in Fukuoka. Through the residence program, FAAM intends to promote further understanding of Asian arts and cultures, to vitalize local communities, and to be a focal point for exchanging ideas and aesthetics through Asian arts.

Artist, and Researcher/Curator in Residence Program
The program invites artists, and researchers/curators active in Asia to conduct various exchange programs in Fukuoka including art making, workshops, exhibitions, and lectures.

Artist, and Researcher/Curator in Residence Support Program
The program supports artists, and researchers/curators from designated Asian countries who have external funding or who can cover their own expenses to stay in Fukuoka while they create their own work or undertake research.

■Mo Jiaqing [China]
Born in 1993. Lives in Hangzhou, China.
Residency Period: May - July 2018
Mo Jiaqing is a young media artist who obtained her BA from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2015 and MA from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London in 2017. She uses video and video installation to describe the relationship between human and nature/animals/object by composing these elements in the futuristic and expressionistic space designed by her.
■Thu Kim Vu [Vietnam]
Born in 1976. Lives in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Residency Period: September – November, 2018
Thu Kim Vu creates sensitive installation work using paper-formed lanterns. In Fukuoka Vu is planning to research the communities and the architectures in relation to the history of the city, and create an installation using LED paper lanterns.
■Candy Bird [Taiwan]
Born in 1982. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan.
Residency Period: February - March 2019
Candy Bird creates a large-size mural in town that depicts the life of people based on his socio-historic research of the area. As a part of his on-going art project "Others," which focus on East Asia, literature, mural, and street art, Candy Bird is planning to create a mural in Fukuoka based on the story written by local writer and in collaboration with local artists.
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