Atul Bhalla



Atul Bhalla explores serious themes, the relation of water to human, through researches using his own feet and body performance, conveyed in diverse media of photography, video, sculpture and so on. The Yamuna Walk, which originally consists of 278 photographs and seven objects molded from garbages in the river, is a result of his five-days research along the Yamuna River flowing near Delhi. In the vicinity of the huge metropolis heading the economic growth and globalization of India, the river is not merely for the age-old laundry, bathing, and festivals; it is also the field where the problems of contemporary society are accumulated while concealed. There, the purity and contamination, communal pleasure and solitude, the expressive nature and brutal construction, the traditional culture and contemporary industry are mixed and overlapped. The scenes of the photographs are sometimes frightful, but always keep the poetic beauty.



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