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Commemoration of the Sister City Relationship between Yangon City and Fukuoka City
Welcome to Art in Myanmar!
■Period:31 August, 2017 - 09 January, 2018
■Venue:Asia Gallery B
In December 2016, Fukuoka and Yangon signed the sister-city affiliation. Commemorating the event, this exhibition takes a look back over the history of Myanmar art from the late 19th century to today.

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has introduced Myanmar art since its inauguration in 1999 and has contributed to the cultural exchange between Japan and Myanmar by inviting the artists from Myanmar to engage in creative activities in Fukuoka. Among our 2900 collections from 23 countries and regions in Asia, 71 works (36 artists) are from Myanmar. This exhibition presents various artworks including a Western-style painting of the last dynasty of the Burma/Myanmar during the British era, a beautiful golden pagoda representing the Buddhism tradition of the nation, and contemporary artworks that critically observe the social issues of the country. The Myanmar artists’ works created in Fukuoka will also be displayed.

1.Yes, Pagoda! -the Symbol of Myanmar
2.Western-style Painting during the British Era
3.Art after Independence
4.Contemporary Artists
5.Gangaw Village Art Group
6.Myanmar Artists Visiting Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Saya Pon (Myanmar) "Shwedagon" c. 1917
Nyein Chan Su "Shwedagon Platform" 1998
TiTo (Myanmar) "Talk" 2006
PeriodThursday 31 August - Tuesday 9 January 2018
VenueAsia Gallery B
ExhibitsAbout 30 artworks(painting, photograph and installation)
AdmissionAdult \200 /College & High School \ 150
*Free for Secondary school and under
OrganiserFukuoka Asian Art Museum
InquiryFukuoka Asian Art Museum / 092-263-1100
RemarksClose: Wednesdays
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