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Exhibition update
Summer Kid’s Special
Magnify the World: Tiny Objects, Fine Details
■Period:29 June, 2017 - 29 August, 2017
■Venue:Asia Gallery B
The exhibition introduces finely made fragile pieces of work including a Pakistani miniature painting depicted with fine squirrel’s tail brush, an accessory-like-sculpture made with finely cut pieces of a nail, and the world of people living in a 3cm high void of the space. Hold your breath, and look carefully with a magnifying lens.
Ham Jin (Korea) "Encounter" 2005
Ahsan Jamal (Pakistan) "Surrounded By" 2003
Anonymous(Company School) (India) "Begum Samru's Haveli (Residence)" early 19th century
PeriodThursday 29 June - Tuesday 29 August 2017
VenueAsia Gallery B
AdmissionAdult \200 /College & High School \ 150
*Free for Secondary school and under
OrganiserFukuoka Asian Art Museum
InquiryFukuoka Asian Art Museum / 092-263-1100
RemarksClose: Wednesdays
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